Arizona Cardinals: Ken Whisenhunt is Running Out of Time

By Kase Brammer
Ken Whisenhunt arizona Cardinals
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals have lost six games in a row. They are still 4-6, but head coach Ken Whisenhunt is no stranger to losing streaks. In the past three seasons, the Cardinals have endured losing streaks of at least six games. This is not a good thing to have under your belt as a head coach. It’s time for a change in Arizona. Is this all Whisenhunt’s fault?

Of course not. He has been through a season with injuries that would break any team’s back. Your starting quarterback, backup quarterback, running back, left tackle, right tackle, outside linebacker, safety, full back, and tight ends have all missed some time. There should be no doubt in any Cardinals fans mind that these problems are not Whisenhunt’s fault. You cannot control these things, but what you can do is damage control.

Whisenhunt has not done this as much as the fans or organization need. This is the worst part of every coach’s job. The Cardinals have one of the hardest schedules in the league, but the Cardinals have lost a few games this season they had no business losing. There is no reason the Cardinals should have lost a game in which they had six turnovers. Yes, it was against the Atlanta Falcons, but there comes a time when the organization must part ways with a coach because it is not working.

The Cardinals, as a whole are not working, fans are tired of hope that comes and goes like Eli Manning‘s quarterback rating. They need consistency. Whisenhunt just doesn’t have the time to make it happen.

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