Can The Philadelphia Eagles' Season Get Any Worse?

By Emily Gruver
Derick Hingle

Well, here we go again. The Philadelphia Eagles have fallen to 3-7, losing their sixth straight game.

Just when you thought this season can’t get anymore disappointing for Philadelphia, it just did.

The Washington Redskins crushed the Eagles, 31-6 on Sunday. The Eagles got blown out by the Redskins; not the Chicago BearsHouston Texans or Atlanta Falcons; the Redskins.

The Eagles are now in last place in the NFC East and their playoff hopes are officially over. As an Eagles fan, I just can’t take it anymore.

I could go on and on about all the Eagles’ problems, but let me first start off by saying that there is absolutely no energy, passion, motivation or heart in this team. The play-calling is bad, there is no balance between the passing and running game and the offensive line is still horrible. Now those aren’t the only problems; trust me, there are many, many more.

I’m sick of it. There has to be a change. Wait, let me change that sentence. There must be a change. And not in a few weeks, something must change now.

Andy Reid is not showing me at all that he wants to make a change and it seems like before every game we anticipate that Reid has a better game plan, and yet he doesn’t.

Nick Foles made his first career start and Reid called 46 pass plays. That is unacceptable. When you have a running back like LeSean McCoy, you must hand the ball off to him more. In yesterday’s game, McCoy only had 15 carries, which is not nearly enough to support a struggling rookie quarterback.

Before every game, we hope that the Eagles will finally turn it around, but it doesn’t happen.

The last time the Eagles won was on September 30. The Philadelphia Phillies‘ last win came on October 2. Even the Phillies have won more recently than the Eagles.

I’m getting tired of watching this team find so many different ways to lose. I’m tired of this nonsense and I know I’m not the only Eagles fan who feels this way.

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