Cleveland Browns: Pat Shurmur Has Sealed His Fate

By Ryan Ruiz
Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

If your a Cleveland Browns fan, how can you not be upset about yesterday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys? What an absolute joke! Despite the terrible called/not called penalties on the field and missing Joe Haden, the Browns were once again the better team on the football field. The game was there for the taking. So who is to blame other than Haden and the referees?

Shame on Pat Shurmur for his efforts yesterday. How can you take a thirteen point lead in to half time and lose? Why would you not go for the jugular in the second half? Are you that much of a coward? The facts are; the Browns defense played lights out and blanked the Cowboys’ sorry offense in the first half. It was clear as day, they were on their heals. The Dallas faithful with their billion dollar open aired stadium was quiet as a mouse and scared. The Cowboys were a one dimensional offense with absolutely no running game. So once again, the question pops up, how did the Browns blow this contest?

Coaching, coaching, and more coaching. For once, we cannot blame the Browns’ receivers as they caught every catchable ball thrown to them. It is Shurmur’s continuous conservative ways that are killing this team every week and stunting the growth of these players. By keeping the completely clueless Shurmur as head coach, all new owner Jimmy Haslam is doing is further destroying the psyche of the fan base and city. Enough is enough.

It is unbelievably sad how fans actually know more about the game of football than Shurmur. Don’t believe me, here’s an example. With 2:06 left in the game, the Browns had no reason to snap a play off before the two minute warning. The play clock was entirely fine and yet Shurmur with his unusual way of thinking, basically gave Dallas a time out and saved them at least ten seconds of true game clock. In a game of inches and time, the Browns can ill afford to make stupid decisions like that. If you didn’t find yourself screaming at your television during this time, you are completely clueless about the game of football.

The Browns are just not good enough for Shurmur to play not to lose every single Sunday. There is zero aggression in his coaching style and its time for him to be held accountable.

At this point in the season with the discouraging 2-8 record Cleveland has, does it really matter? Where is the sense of pride or urgency? The fact is, Browns fans don’t expect them to go to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. They just expect them to be decent and not be the laughing stock of the NFL. With Shurmur’s 6-20 career record, there is no chance of either.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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