Colin Kaepernick Should Be Named San Francisco 49ers Full Time Starter

By Riley Schmitt

If you happened to watch the Monday night game, you would have seen Colin Kaepernick look like a guy who has started a lot of football games in the NFL. The San Francisco 49ers offense looked like a fine-tuned machine against a very tough Chicago Bears defense. Although this might not be the popular sentiment, the 49ers should really give Kaepernick the job over Alex Smith.

This is not a knock on Smith and I seriously doubt that he loses his starting job.  Football coaches are notorious about not having guys lose their spot due to injury.  When Smith is able to play after his concussion, he will be the guy who takes the snaps on Sunday.  However, you at least have to think about letting Kaepernick take the job.

You can make the case that this was a simple flash-in-the-pan moment for the young QB.  He may have caught the Bears on a bad night while he was on top of his form.  The team just looked so smooth with him running the show.  His mobility bought extra time and he was doing a fantastic job of looking off of his primary reads.  He used his scrambles to actually progress to find open guys.

Smith is probably going to be the more consistent guy week to week.  You know exactly what you are going to get out of him.  I just think that Kaepernick has a higher ceiling and he could give the offense the boost they need.  It will certainly make for some interesting sports radio on Tuesday.

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