Dallas Cowboys Have A Number 1 Wide Receiver In Dez Bryant

By Ben Grimaldi

When the Dallas Cowboys traded up to pick Dez Bryant in 2010 NFL draft, they envisioned the receiver we saw yesterday. The one who can dominate the game and physically outmatch cornerbacks. He was the best player on the field and showed everyone what type of receiver he can be.

Even before last week, Tony Romo was telling everyone that Bryant was been getting better, so have Jason Garrett and wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson. It was hard to believe them early on this season, because Bryant was running the wrong routes, dropping passes and catching the ire of Cowboys fans everywhere. However, if you’ve been paying attention, it’s Dez Bryant, not Miles Austin, who has been Romo’s go to receiver.

We all know Jason Witten will forever be Romo’s favorite option in the passing game, but when the Cowboys need to make something happen down field, it’s Bryant’s number that’s being called. It was Bryant that adjusted his routes against the Philadelphia Eagles that accounted for two big catches and one touchdown, and it was Bryant taking over the game yesterday. Imagine how good his numbers would have been if the Cleveland Browns didn’t constantly interfere with him to prevent him from making more plays?

Bryant isn’t perfect, but if you’re watching these games it’s not hard to tell how much of a talent Bryant is, which is why it frustrates Cowboys fans when he drops a pass or has a mental lapse. Those lapses aren’t coming as often, and if you need any proof of that just look at the play calling from Garrett and the trust Tony Romo has in throwing him the ball. The trust factor appears to be arriving between offensive coordinator, quarterback and wide receiver, and the results speak for themselves.

Dez Bryant needs more consistency, but he just turned 24-years old. He’s getting better every week and he’s becoming the receiver he should be right now. Of course he still needs to work on his game, but his play recently is proof he’s starting to get it. He had a career high in receiving yards and receptions yesterday and he admitted these kinds of games should become the norm for him. I’ll admit it, that’s what I expect too.

The Dallas Cowboys have a legit number one receiver and his name is Dez Bryant.

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