Ed Reed Suspended for One Game After Most Recent Late Hit

By Scott DelleFave
Reed, Ed 1

Earlier this afternoon, it was reported that Baltimore Ravens strong safety Ed Reed will be suspended for one game after violating the league’s safety policy after being called for another late hit on a defenseless receiver versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

My thoughts on this are that yes he hits a lot of wide receivers late, and he does need to get suspended for one game. That being said I think other players should be suspended for at least one game, mainly New England Patriots linebacker, Brandon Spikes whom was flagged for going helmet to helmet with Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick two weeks ago. Not to mention he celebrated after giving concussions to running back Fred Jackson later on in that same quarter, and tight end Scott Chandler in their first meeting back in week three.

Personal safety is a core value that every company in the would should adhere to even if you’re being paid to drive another human being in the ground. Long story short, I’m all about safety in the NFL, but be consistent league wide no matter how big or small name a person is or what team they are on, but that’s just my take, what do you all think?


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