Jacksonville Jaguars Have No Choice, Must Start Chad Henne At Quarterback

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Chad Henne
Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense had a breakout game on Sunday against the vaunted Houston Texans defense, but it was with backup quarterback Chad Henne under center not Blaine Gabbert.

After Gabbert left in the first quarter with an injury to his throwing arm, Henne entered the game and proceeded to throw for 354 yards and four touchdowns en route to the Jaguars having a 37 point outburst that eventually went for nothing as they eventually lost the game in overtime.

Henne has now had success in two consecutive games in relief appearances after he came in the second half of the Indianapolis Colts game to throw for 121 yards and a touchdown and Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey has a decision to make as to who he is going to play this Sunday when they return home to play the Tennessee Titans.

At this point, the answer seems obvious. The Jaguars must start Henne this week and see if he can replicate his performance against a weak Titans defense.

Mularkey may choose to use Gabbert’s injury as an excuse to play Henne this week, but if he makes this switch it will be because he believes Henne gives his team the best chance to win moving forward. This may be hard to admit for Mularkey because his fate and the fate of general manager Gene Smith seem to be intertwined with Gabbert’s success. Benching Gabbert would be an admission of failure by both coach and GM and would not bode well for their future.

Many believed that Henne would eventually beat out Gabbert for the Jaguars starting quarterback job, but after Gabbert significantly outperformed Henne in the preseason it seemed that he had been permanently relegated to the backup role. While Gabbert has played better in his second season, he has not made any sort of significant improvement that would lead anybody to believe he has a bright future as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Now it seems apparent that Henne gives the Jaguars offense the best chance to score points and will get his chance to show he can do it on a consistent basis.

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