Key To Dallas Cowboys Offense Is Aggression

By Ben Grimaldi
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Let’s face it, the Dallas Cowboys offense looked bad in the first half against the Cleveland Browns yesterday. I’m not breaking any news by mentioning that, or the fact they played much better in the second half.

The difference was the Cowboys offense played with more urgency after halftime than they did in the first half. It was the same story in the games against the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants as well. It comes down to aggression, when the Cowboys push the pace and run the hurry up offense, they tend to move the ball easily. When they sit back and just get the plays off before the play clock runs down, the offense seems to be stagnant.

I can’t be the only one noticing this. People with a much higher pay grade than me have to be paying attention.

When the Cowboys are aggressive with their offense, they put points on the board, it’s that simple. Remember back to the game against the Atlanta Falcons when they couldn’t move the ball effectively and failed to get touchdowns throughout the game? Yet on the drive where they were in the no huddle, hurry up offense they put up a quick six points. Coincidence, I think not.

When the Cowboys use a no huddle offense it keeps the defense on the field and wears them down. When they are aggressive with their play calls, like throwing the ball down the field, good things happen. Shoot, we saw good things happen yesterday just by throwing the ball deep even without completions. By throwing down field, your odds of getting a big play or a pass interference penalty are pretty good, especially with Dez Bryant going after the ball. I know he was out of bounds against the Giants but they way he attacks the ball in the air gives him a distinct advantage on jump balls.

The Cowboys offensive line is in disarray and one of the ways to combat the pressure on Tony Romo is to put the pressure on the defense by pushing the pace and tiring them out. Confuse them by putting Romo on the move more, which I continue to beg for, and put the defense on their heels. Some of Romo’s strengths are playing fast and outside the pocket, so the Cowboys should put him on the move and let him create more.

Sure it may lead to an occasional mistake from Romo but that’s his game regardless. As Jason Garrett said last week, you have to let Romo be Romo. The best way to protect Tony Romo is to keep the defense guessing and by being aggressive.

I’m not abandoning the running game but is asking Jason Garrett to run the hurry up more often and to take more shots down field unreasonable?

The Cowboys have short comings on offense, but there is no shortage of play makers. They need to use them in a more aggressive fashion in order to score more points. We’ve all seen the results of their hurry up offense and they’ve been very good, so why not use it at different times during the game and not just when you’re losing?

The Cowboys have the play makers to do it, they just need to be aggressive, be, be aggressive! OK, bad joke.

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