New York Jets Might Have Caught a Break for Thursday's Game

By ryanvanhoover

The New York Jets got a huge break for Thursday Nights game against the New England Patriots. The Patriots will be without their star tight end Rob Gronkowski. It’s a huge blow for the Patriots who are trying to make another playoffs run, but the loss of Gronkowski will be huge because quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t have his primary target.

For the last few years, Gronkowski has been Brady’s primary target especially in the red zone because he possess  a big miss match for opposing defenses. There isn’t a linebacker  or a safety that can match up with Gronkowski. He has terrific size and great hands without him the passing game suffers. There is no one to double team and leaving someone one on one. If Brady gets pressured, he will hurry some throws and could be off his game.

This means a lot to the Jets on defense because they don’t have to key on Gronkowski. The Jets can do so many things. They could blitz and then jam the receivers at the line of scrimmage. The Patriots receivers don’t handle press coverage well and that is what the Jets should do.

However in order to do this, the Jets have to make the Patriots one dimensional and shut down their running game. If the Patriots don’t establish their running game, this will play into the Jets hands to tee off on Brady and jam the receivers at the line. Jets coach Rex Ryan will probably disguise his blitzes to confuse Brady and the potent Patriots offense.

The problem is without Gronkowski, the Patriots aren’t the same team on offense. This is something the Jets have to take advantage of and I’m Ryan is foaming at the mouth coming up with a defensive game plan for this.


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