NFL Rumors: Are New York Jets Boycotting Media?

By Ben Grimaldi
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

After the New York Jets win over the St. Louis Rams yesterday, linebacker Bart Scott tried to lead a boycott with the media over their coverage of the Jets. I’m sorry, I did not mean to say boycott, what I meant to say was he’s leading a “media mutiny.”

For some reason I’m getting a vision of all the Jets defensive players dressed up like pirates and answering “arrrrgggg” to every question asked. Actually, they evoked their inner Rasheed Wallace by answering questions a certain way.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, they answered with the always fun, “both teams played hard.” The phrase was made famous by NBA player Rasheed Wallace after facing fines for not talking to the media after games. Hubbuch also reported that Scott called any defensive player who said anything other than those words a sellout.

If the Jets are boycotting the media why isn’t the whole team involved, why was it just the defense? And if they are boycotting the media, why were they so vocal about letting it be known they were in fact, boycotting the media?

The entire thing seems strange and it feels like Scott is placing blame on the local media for the way the team has played so far this season, especially after a win! Hey, they wanted the attention and talk a big game so they should be prepared to back it up. They haven’t done so this year and taking it out on the people who cover the team seems childish.

Then again, these are the types of things you get with Bart Scott. He’s very outspoken and earlier this season he wanted to a fight a member of the media so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

The Jets got a much needed win yesterday and that should have been a reason to celebrate, instead Scott would rather scheme to freeze out the media than acknowledge the win. If he was trying to get everyone to boycott the media, it didn’t work and it seems like other defensive players knew better than to follow Scott’s lead.

It seems like the drama never ends with the Jets, instead of talking about the win, we’re talking about more controversy. Maybe that’s the way they want it but if I were a part of the media covering the Jets everyday, I’d watch out.

The next mutiny may have them walking the plank.

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