NFL Rumors: Who Starts for Arizona Cardinals if Kevin Kolb Can't Go?

By Christopher Gamble


Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

There are still some NFL rumors milling about the Arizona Cardinals in regards to their quarterback situation.  This is because rookie Ryan Lindley from San Diego State was put into the Week 11 loss to the Atlanta Falcons after Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt grew displeased with the play he was receiving from John Skelton.

If Kolb can’t go this week, then the question becomes who gets the start?  Skelton was replaced after starting the game going 2-for-7.  Lindley didn’t fare much better, fumbling on his first attempt, which many Cardinals players thought was an incomplete pass, and watching the Falcons turn it into six points.  He would go on to complete just 9 passes of 20 attempts for just 64 yards.

However, despite his struggles, Skelton would likely get the start if Kolb can’t go.  But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be on a short leash like he was this past week.

As much as Cardinals fans don’t want to hear this, Kevin Kolb is the Cardinals best chance to win.  While the Cardinals are likely to kick the tires on some quarterbacks this off-season, either through the draft or free agency, Kolb is still the most talented quarterback on the roster at the moment.

Lindley might be the most intriguing at the moment, as Skelton has shown coaches and fans about all he has to offer as a quarterback.  However, Skelton still has experience in the NFL and is, at least the moment, the best option after Kolb.  There is no reason for Whisenhunt to throw Lindley to the wolves right now.  Again, if Kolb is healthy there is no controversy as to who should start.

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