Nick Foles Performs Terribly for Philadelphia Eagles in First NFL Start

By Joe Doris
Evan Habeeb-US Presswire

It really could not have gone much worse for QB Nick Foles in his first career NFL start, when the Washington Redskins laid the smack-down on his Philadelphia Eagles Sunday afternoon.

Try to envision the biggest nightmare imaginable for a rookie in his big debut.

A 46% completion percentage. Two interceptions. Three Fumbles. Zero Touchdowns. A 31-6 loss.

Just typing that out in sequence honestly makes me cringe, and I just can’t help but to feel sorry for the rookie. But at the same time, I am really not surprised.

All season long, when Philly fans were calling for the Eagles to bench QB Michael Vick in favor of Foles, I kept reiterating that Vick was the better option to win, while Foles was an unproven rookie. Now it is safe to say Foles is proven. He has proven to be greatly unimpressive.

Of course Foles will most likely settle down and put together a couple of praise-worthy performances before the season ends, but the degree of his struggles in his first start are very worrisome.

Not only did Foles make poor decisions and show great inaccuracy against the ‘Skins, but he also seemed very timid when it came to throwing the ball deep down-field, as he opted for uncovered check-down passes constantly throughout the game. Remember also, the Redskins field one of the worst passing defenses in the entire NFL.

It is never a good look for a quarterback when his leading receiver is his running back, as Eagles’ RB LeSean McCoy led the team in both pass-catching categories with 6 catches for 67 yards.

Something that raised huge red flags in my eyes was how Foles seemed to be completely incapable of getting the ball to the Eagles’ top wide receivers. WR DeSean Jackson had by far his worst game of the season, catching just two passes for 5 yards. Jackson’s season low before Sunday was 43 receiving yards in Week 3.

An even more alarming statistic was that the Eagles’ other star wide-out, Jeremy Maclin, did not catch a single pass in the loss. While Maclin has had a very inconsistent season to date, he was able to haul in 8 catches for 92 yards and a score just last week.

The only wide-out Foles was able to connect with consistently was backup WR Riley Cooper, who tallied most of his 61 receiving yards in garbage time. Cooper was also left mostly under-defended, as the Redskins’ secondary focused primarily on Maclin and Jackson.

It is widely believed that even if Vick is cleared to play again this season, Foles will still remain the Eagles’ starter just so that management can get a good luck at the quarterback’s abilities.

But if Foles puts together another performance similar to Sunday’s debacle, he should be lucky to still have a roster spot next season.


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