Oakland Raiders drop third straight game losing to the New Orleans Saints

By Jeremy Hayes
Raider Nation (2)
Kirby Lee- US Presswire


The Oakland Raiders continue to fall down deeper and deeper into the pit. The Raiders have fallen for the third straight game against the New Orleans Saints.

The Raiders (3-7) are facing the tough side of their schedule, and are starting to fold under the pressure.

The Saints defeated the Raiders 38-17, scoring 35 of their 38 in the first three quarters. The Raiders scored 10 of their 17 points in the second half of the game. The Raiders are had the problem at the beginning of the year scoring points, but now they are having trouble stopping opposing offenses from getting into the end zone as well. One of the touchdowns may have been from a Carson Palmer interception, but then you are still talking four touchdowns given up on defense.

Obviously injuries are a factor for a team to lose this badly, but as mentioned in previous articles, making decisions to cut players like Pat Lee really are not the smart decisions to help this team. They could have moved Huff back to the banged up safety position, but now have so little depth of experienced players that they are getting beat worse than ever before this season.

With only six games left, the best the Raiders can finish is (9-7), which is probably not even enough to get the wild card spot in the playoffs.

Is Palmer done as a Raider? Will the Raiders fire any members of the coaching staff or anywhere within the organization? So many questions that are negative, and this painful Raider season is still not over.

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