Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Says Resigning Would Be a 'Cop-Out'

By Joe Doris
Andrew Weber-US Presswire

When questioned by reporters in the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles’ embarrassing 31-6 loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid refused to quit on his team.

“We’re going to keep battling and do it as a team,” Reid told reporters. “I’m not going to tell the guys one thing and then do the other.”

Reid went on to say that resigning mid-season would be the same as him quitting on his team, and it would be hypocritical to tell his troops to ‘continue to battle’ if he didn’t do the same. At 3-7, the Eagles really don’t have anything to play for except for pride at this point, but that is enough in Reid’s eyes.

Even though Reid will not step down, it does not mean that his job is safe in any way. After the Eagles’ disappointing 8-8 campaign last year, Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie and management warned Reid that another .500 season would not be acceptable.

Embarrassingly, it would take a miracle for the Eagles to even get to 8-8, as they would need 5 wins in 6 games.

One of Reid’s only hopes at saving his job was if rookie QB Nick Foles could have possibly resurrected the dormant Eagles when he took over the starting QB position in Week 11 against the Redskins. QB Michael Vick went down with a concussion last week against the Dallas Cowboys.

Foles did a great job at shooting that possibility down when he stunk up the joint in the Eagles’ blow-out loss to the Redskins. Foles completed just 21 of 46 passes, threw 2 interceptions, fumbled 3 times and failed to score a touchdown in his first NFL start.

I think that Lurie and Eagles’ management have way too much respect for Reid to give him the ax in the middle of his 14th season as the team’s head coach.

But there is no doubt that at season’s end, Reid’s tenure in Philly will be finished.


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