Post Bye-Week Outlook For New York Giants

By Andrew Lecointe
Andrew Weber — US Presswire

Now that the New York Giants are well-rested following the bye week, it is time to look at the final six games of the season and what the Giants need to do in order to keep their division lead and win the division for the second straight season.

The Giants most likely do not have to worry about the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. The Eagles are currently in a free-fall, and it does not appear they’ll win more than two games the rest of the way. The Redskins still have a positive outlook, but QB Robert Griffin III cannot do it all by himself. They also have two games against the Dallas Cowboys and a game against the Giants, which will probably eliminate them.

The Giants have to worry about the Cowboys. They are currently just a game behind the Giants for a tie for first place. They have a home Thanksgiving match-up with the Redskins, which they should win. The Giants play the Green Bay Packers, which will definitely be a difficult game to win. The Giants also struggle at home, so Week 12 will be very interesting.

The way things may turn out going forward, the Giants will need to get to 9-7 to win the division again. That would mean the Giants would need to go 3-3 in their final six for that to happen, which is certainly possible.

If we assume the Giants will lose at home to the Packers, they should play with urgency against the Redskins and come out with a victory. They should also win the season finale against the Eagles, especially if they’ve given up on the season at that point.

That would leave games against the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens. This certainly is a tough slate of teams to play. If the Giants can go 1-2 in these three games, they will end 9-7 assuming they beat the Redskins and Eagles. How can the Giants capture a victory in one of the three?

They play the Saints at home, who are not as effective offensively when they are not in the Superdome. The Saints defense is horrible as well, so they should look to put up a lot of points and get the victory. The Saints have dominated the Giants in their past three match-ups, but two of them were in the Superdome.

The Giants match-up against the Ravens shouldn’t be that difficult considering the Ravens aren’t as dominant as they once were defensively. Offensively, the Ravens don’t scare many people. They’ll still be able to get some points against the suspect defense of the Giants, but the Giants offense should get points on them as well.

The game against the Falcons is one they can certainly win as well. The Falcons eeked out victories against the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers at home. They are not your dominant one-loss team. They can be beaten and a team capable of getting hot at the right time can easily beat the Falcons. The Falcons saw that in the 2010 playoffs against the Packers, and then the 2011 playoffs against the Giants.

If the Giants correct some issues, they can go 5-1 in their final six games to make things a little easier for themselves. However, we know they like to make things a little difficult. 5-1 in their final six games most likely will not happen, but they will do just enough to win the NFC East again.

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