The Bears Offensive Tackles are Offensive

Jay Cutler, J'Marcus Webb

How do you expect to win when your offensive tackles play like two turn-styles? The Chicago Bears must really hate their quarterbacks and running backs. While Jason Campbell has stunk up the field tonight, he hasn’t really had much help from his offensive line. Left tackle J’Marcus Webb and right tackle Gabe Carimi are fighting for the worst Bear of the modern era.

The Bears fired former general manager Jerry Angelo because of his failure to draft offensive linemen. His last first round choice was Carimi, and it looks like another in a long list of horrible draft choices. Ever since injuring his knee last season in Week Two, he just hasn’t found his way in the league. Webb as drafted in the seventh round and appears to be more interested in Twitter and less in actually learning how to play football.

It is getting to a point with this team where they’re going to have to expect Jay Cutler’s career to be cut short. There’s no player that can regularly sustain the beating that Cutler receives week in and week out and expect that player to have any type of career. Sooner or later, he will be concussed one time too often or have a joint blown out. This says nothing about the hits that running backs sustain thanks to unblocked players in the backfield.

With six games left in the season, this team still has a shot to make the playoffs. But with all the concerns we’re seeing as fans, it will be an exercise in futility.

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