Carolina Panthers Need to Keep Pounding

By Robert Kester

It would be easy for the Carolina Panthers to just lay down and feel sorry for themselves for the remainder of the season. Instead, Carolina should stay true to their long standing motto of keep pounding.

Carolina has endured yet another injury plagued season, they are 2-8, their head coach appears to be on the way out, and everything only got worse following Sunday’s loss at home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Though, through all of the disappointment, the Panthers still have a passionate fan base to play for. Sure, Panthers fans aren’t known for being the most die-hard bunch, but there are plenty of dedicated fans around the Carolinas that eagerly want this team to win.

For example, this past Sunday quarterback Cam Newton handed a kid a football after a Panthers’ touchdown. The kid was ecstatic over the gift from Newton, but what Newton did was create a Panthers fan for life. That kid will tell his grandchildren about the time the Panthers’ quarterback handed him a touchdown ball.

It’s scenarios like Newton’s kind gesture from Sunday that should keep the Panthers focused going forward this year.

Newton’s football gift was of course prior to the embarrassing let down that transpired in week 11. However, no matter how embarrassing that loss was, true Panthers fans will still tune in to watch their team play in week 12, that kid being one of them.

Yes, 2012 has been a complete and utter bust, but there is still plenty of football to be played.

The Panthers just need to keep pounding and deliver a win this upcoming Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, if only to wash the bad taste out of everyone’s mouths after last weekend’s melt-down.

Robert Kester, Carolina Panthers Columnist. Contact @robertkester1

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