Ed Reed's Suspension Has Been Rescinded

By Marc Jenkins
NFL Reduces Penalty on Baltimore Ravens Ed Reed
Jason Bridge-US Presswire

On Tuesday, just one day after handing down a one-game suspension to Baltimore Ravens future Hall-of-Fame safety Ed Reed for a helmet-to-helmet hit the NFL has decided to rescind the penalty allowing the 11-year veteran to play this Sunday versus the San Diego Chargers.

The hit in question came in the Ravens 13-10 victory on Sunday night versus the Pittsburgh Steelers when Reed was penalized for unnecessary roughness after colliding with Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Upon further review of the play it can clear be seen that Reed had already engaged in attempting the tackle when Sanders put his head down which led to the helmet-to-helmet contact, so in essence it was Sanders’ fault the hit was so severe and not Reed’s.

Tuesday’s decision which was made by Ted Cotrell, who heard the appeal case, now will have Reed to just pay a fine for being repeat offender of causing helmet-to-helmet hits will now cost the eight-time All-Pro just $50,000 as opposed to the $423, 529 it would have had he been suspended for Sunday’s upcoming game and missing out on the check for it.

Cotrell had the following to say about the situation to Reed, “I have determined that your actions were egregious and warrant significant discipline. However, I do not believe that your actions were so egregious as to subject you to a one-game suspension without pay.”

According to the league this was Reed’s third violation of the league’s rules for protecting defenseless players with the first occurring in 2010 with a hit on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the second happening earlier this season in the Ravens week three victory over the New England Patriots when Reed leveled New England wideout Deion Branch.


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