Jason Campbell Makes Chicago Bears Fans Physically Ill


Last week, I wrote a piece that suggested that Jason Campbell was another Caleb Hanie (here) for the Chicago Bears. I want to apologize to my readers for being wrong. Campbell is actually worse than Hanie. His performance last night made my physically ill.

Before I hear all the typical excuses, let’s keep in mind that Campbell at no point in a Bears’ uniform has actually looked like a NFL quarterback. Even during the preseason, his throws and decision-making skills were actually making me dumber as a football fan. I was wondering why this guy actually thought it was a good idea to check down to Matt Spaeth on a regular basis. While he didn’t check down at all last night, he just over-and-under threw receivers all evening long. While I know he didn’t have loads of time to throw, when he have time his throws were like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. It was anyone’s guess where these were going.

When the Bears impulsively signed Campbell, did they actually bring him in for a tryout or just hand him three plus million? Shouldn’t it have been a telling sign that he was so quick to sign with the Bears and not look for other starting jobs? Obviously, Campbell knew he sucked and suckered the Bears and their second-rate general manager into giving him a nice payday. Everyone wants to have a dance party for Phil Emery, and I suggest that the Bears failed miserably to fill their backup quarterback slot.

For a team that has an offensive offensive line, tight ends and running backs that choose not to block and an offensive scheme which makes the quarterback stand in the pocket for extended periods of time, wouldn’t one think that a good backup quarterback is needed? Instead, the Bears have this washed up eyesore. I literally think the best diet in the world would include watching Campbell play quarterback. No one would be able to eat or hold down food with this guy making decisions.

This is another example of a Rant My Life type moment. We’d love to hear your thoughts as well. Hashtag the letters #RML with your thoughts on Campbell and the Bears. Of course, for even more fun and games, you can follow me on Twitter @ChicagoBearJew.

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