Justin Tuck: New York Giants are "Borderline Cocky"

By Andrew Lecointe


Andrew Weber — US Presswire

New York Giants DE Justin Tuck summed up the team’s recent struggles in an interesting way. When asked about the team’s recent struggles and if it has affected the team’s confidence, Tuck offered the interesting opinion.

“I think we’ve always been confident, sometimes maybe too confident, borderline cocky,” Tuck said to a reporter from the New York Post. This is an interesting assessment for a number of reasons, but it is probably the most accurate way to describe their recent struggles.

The Giants went through the same struggles last season after starting their first eight games 6-2. They lost four straight before getting a narrow win against the Dallas Cowboys. They ended up winning their second Super Bowl in the past four years despite their mid-season struggles.

This is most likely the reason why the Giants are overconfident and cocky. Losing two games and struggling mightily in those games to drop from 6-2 to 6-4 probably doesn’t have many players concerned because of the similarities from this season and last season.

This isn’t last season however. History does repeat itself sometimes, but relying on history isn’t going to get the job done. The Giants have issues they need to take care of. Their defense playing the way it has played for the majority of the season will not get them far.

While their schedule for the final six games is rough, the Cowboys will be riding a relatively easy schedule. They are in position to steal the NFC East crown from the Giants if they continue to falter.

The Giants also started 6-2 in 2010. They had a chance to put themselves in the driver’s seat in the division a couple of times. The most painful loss obviously was the one to the Philadelphia Eagles, when they led 31-10 in the fourth quarter before the Eagles came back and won.

That’s the kind of history that still exists as well. Relying on history obviously isn’t the way to go.

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