New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin Speaks About Hurricane Sandy's Effects On Team

By jason evans


Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

Tom Coughlin finally opened up about how Hurricane Sandy and it’s impact on the New York Giants. Things like this are things that you can’t prepare for as a head coach of a football team or a human being. You can do little things here and there to help you, but no one saw things like a gas shortage and towns being completely submerged in water and areas being destroyed.

“Everyone has been affected,” Coughlin said. “And our players have, because, remember, they have families, they have wives, they have children. They went through the same things that we all went through.”

“You lose power,” Coughlin continued. “For example, just as close asHoboken, there were guys that couldn’t stay in their apartments, couldn’t live in their homes, they had to get out. And then you are always concerned about your wife, your children, whether or not you have gas in the tank, whether or not there is warmth in your home.”

From the picture of Eli Manning in the lobby of his apartment building, to stories about Martellus Bennett and Steve Weatherford staying with teammates until their power came back on. These kind of things effect you whether you work a sales job or a professional football player.

It’s not an excuse for not playing well, however, being an NFL player comes with plenty of distractions, let alone a hurricane adding to them. NFL players are human beings first and foremost and things like this can effect their play.

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