New York Giants Hold Players-Only Meeting

By jason evans

The New York Giants, coming off of their bye week, held a players only meeting. The Giants call it a de-briefing session to give the players a chance to air out all of their concerns and thoughts as they move forward and begin what head coach Tom Coughlin calls a six game season. It’s sort of an airing of the grievances if you will (if you don’t get the joke I made there google festivus).

Justin Tuck is a big supporter of this kind of thing, especially since they did it last season and since they struggled around the same time, maybe it’s something they can use to repeat their success from last year. He spoke to the media after and said this:

“We lost a little focus. I think everybody on this team believes we can be the best team in the league when we’re playing our style of football, it’s just unfortunate that we haven’t played our style of football in the past couple weeks. We have to find a way to get back to playing that.”

I find it interesting that the Giants are using this method. When you hear about players only meetings, it’s usually for teams that are really struggling. Granted, the team has been of late, however, I still find it interesting that they take this route. They used it last year and it seemed to help them, so why not go with it? Let’s see if they can use this to repeat their success of last year.

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