New York Jets Have No Chance Against New England Patriots: NFL Picks Thanksgiving

By Mark Donatiello
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The New York Jets are going to fall to the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving Day.  The  Jets are so desperate that they’re faking punts from their own 20 in the first half against mediocre opponents.  Bill Belichick can smell that kind of fear from Foxborough.

I fully expect Belichick, famous for running up the score, to send a message to the New York Jets on Thanksgiving.  After receiving blame for Rob Gronkowski‘s season-ending injury in a blowout last week, the Patriots coach will take out his frustration on the New York Jets.  The Pats are playing their best football of the season, stringing together three convincing wins since these teams last met.

The Jets defense is getting old.  Bart Scott has lost a step and is a divisive force in the locker room.   Darrelle Revis is out for the season, which makes it hard for Rex Ryan to generate the pressure his defense is based around.   The New England Patriots offense is clicking lately, and the Patriots are playing much better than the first time these two teams met.

If the Jets blitz, Tom Brady will exploit a mediocre secondary.  If the Jets sit back, one of the best quarterbacks in football has time to dissect a slow and aging defense.   I don’t see the Jets having an answer for Tom Brady as he leads the most prolific offense in football this year.  What’s more, the Patriots actually operate with a balanced offense this season, ranking 5th in rushing with more than 140 yards per game on the ground.

Against a streaking Patriots team, the Jets likely won’t be able to slow down New England’s offense.  On the other side of the ball, New York’s dysfunctional offense is in for another long day.  While the Patriots are allowing points (62 in the three games since they played the Jets), I have no confidence in the ability of the Jets offense to produce.  Mark Sanchez has regressed and is a tremendous liability, while Tim Tebow is little more than a special teams player to the New York Jets.  The offensive line is struggling, the rushing attack is mediocre, and the Jets will not be able to stand toe-to-toe with an angry Pats team on national television this Thanksgiving.

This game will be physical and fun, but I don’t think it will be very close.

New England Patriots 39 – New York Jets 20

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