NFL Power Rankings: The Arizona Cardinals are Still Falling

By Kase Brammer
Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Last week, the Arizona Cardinals fell two spots in the NFL Power Rankings and they did not even play. This week, according to ESPN, the Cardinals are the worst 4-6 team in football right behind the Buffalo Bills. They have fallen 20 spots since being ranked in the top five at the end of week four. There is only 1 team in the NFL that rivals that drop and it’s the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cardinals lost their sixth straight against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. They failed to get a win even though QB Matt Ryan threw five interceptions. Each week the Cardinals figure out a way to stay in the game, but in the end, the lack of offensive line and quarterback loses the game.

Cardinals’ fans need to be patient with rookie QB Ryan Lindley. He is young, but he does have more upside than John Skelton has ever had. Skelton’s confidence is shattered. He came one game short of tying former San Diego Chargers‘ QB Ryan Leaf‘s NFL record for consecutive games with an interception. Skelton has not demonstrated his value once this season and he is hard to watch. It is unclear who will get the start on Sunday, but if I had it my way, Lindley is my man if Kevin Kolb cannot go.

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt has not made a decision on the matter, but at this point in a tough division, it may be time to build toward the future. If the Cardinals lose on Sunday, the season will be over. At that point the Cardinals will really starting thinking hard about whether or not Whisenhunt will be the coach in 2013.

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