Oakland Raiders sever ties with LB Aaron Curry

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Aaron Curry

Once considered a top-tier linebacker talent, it appears that even the 3-7 Oakland Raiders have no room for a bust like Aaron Curry on their roster.

Following a string of tweets from the career underachiever and former No. 4 overall pick, the Raiders announced on Tuesday that Curry has been waived.

“No longer a raider!” Curry said via Twitter. “On to my next venture! Expanding Gods territory. I am confident in my abilities to play linebacker, I know God will cook something up for me!!”

Since the Raiders acquired him from the Seattle Seahawks last season for a pair of draft picks, Curry’s production has been up and down. He performed well in his first year in Oakland, starting nine games and tallying 46 total tackles.

This season, however, hasn’t gone as planned for Curry. After missing the first eight games of the 2012 campaign while battling a knee injury, Curry came back in Week 10 to a scarce amount of snaps. The Raiders followed suit the next weekend, limiting Curry again against the New Orleans Saints in Week 11. During those two games, the disappointing linebacker managed only one tackle.

Unless he can prove that he’s over his knee issues, Curry is going to have a tough time finding work elsewhere in the NFL. Considering the potential that he was once believed to have, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another linebacker-hungry club take a flier on him, though. More than likely, that opportunity won’t come until the 2012 season is over, if ever.

“Yes I will miss the #BlackHole and all of #RaiderNation!” Curry continued. “It’s been an amazing time in the Bay! **packs box**”

At least the Raiders can walk away from their botched trade knowing that Curry doesn’t have any hard feelings towards the team.

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