Phil Emery is a Disaster


Former Chicago Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo is laughing somewhere. When he was fired by the Bears last season, it was because amongst other things, he failed to address the backup quarterback position or draft well. In Emery’s first year with the Bears, he paid more money and is failing miserably with his backup quarterback Jason Campbell and his first draft is very questionable.

Shea McClellin wasn’t a bad draft choice because of talent. But Emery ignored his history of concussions. If you think this problem gets better with time, it won’t. As we are seeing now, this is a legitimate concern with McClellin and something that may shorten his career. Did Emery not recognize that McClellin may be in a vegetative state sooner rather than later? What about Alshon Jeffrey? From what I’ve seen, he’s a mediocre NFL wide receiver. With Brandon Marshall on the other side, Jeffrey should be making plays. While he did suffer a broken hand, Jeffrey wasn’t tearing things up when he was healthy. There’s a reason why Jeffrey’s draft status and production fell at South Carolina. Obviously, Emery failed to notice that too.

Let’s not forget Emery’s total lack of judgment with this offensive line. While there may not have been any blockbuster lineman available through free agency, you’re telling me that there’s no one out there better than the collection of stiffs currently on the line? In this whole group, there may be one guy of value. The rest are worthless piles of meat. Quarterback Jay Cutler‘s injury problems are going to get worse as long as these are the guys in charge of protecting their QB.

Of course, let’s look at Emery’s previous employer. The Kansas City Chiefs are the worst team in football. Emery was in charge of their scouting. Now he runs the Bears. Makes me feel confident as a Bears’ fan. I would encourage Bears fans to stop loving this guy because he’s not Angelo. This will go down as one of the worst hires in NFL history (read here). I hate when I’m right.

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