Pittsburgh Steelers Release Baron Batch, Walter McFadden

By Curt Popejoy
Jim Brown-US Presswire

Two moves were made today to make some space on the roster to account for  the recent player additions. As I predicted earlier today the Pittsburgh Steelers have signed free agent quarterback Brian Hoyer and free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress to help cushion the blow of the rash of injuries that have over taken this roster.

To account for the newest Steelers, the staff released running back Baron Batch and cornerback Walter McFadden. Adding Hoyer and Burress was a must, and a really simple choice when you look at all the potential candidates. Obviously choices had to be made in order to make it work.

I am a little shocked the Steelers chose to release Batch, however with what appears to be a healthy return of running back Rashard Mendenhall it does give them considerable depth at the position. Batch was a player who always seemed to have a lot of potential but either due to poor health or the depth chart was never able to realize it. Short of another injury to a running back, I’m not sure with four backs on the roster right now, they would even try and sign him back.

The release of McFadden makes more sense. He had played very little this season and was not a part of the four deep cornerback depth chart. I am not sure if a team will sign him, but I’m sure if they do not, once the dust settles on all these injuries and the Steelers roster levels off, McFadden would be a player they would bring back.

Obviously the bigger story in this is the re-signing of Burress and to a lesser extent Hoyer. Burress will probably be on the field early and often in the Steelers next game, and with Hoyer being thrust immediately into the No. 2 quarterback, they are only one play away from being on the field, so it’s good the Steelers made a move quickly.

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