Plaxico Burress Signing Should Put To Rest Talk Of Him Coming Back To New York Giants

By jason evans
Howard Smith/ US PRESSWIRE

Plaxico Burress is back in the NFL. He signed a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, returning to the team that originally drafted him into the league. Hopefully, the signing of Burress can now put to rest any possibility of him returning to the New York Giants, at least for the rest of this season.

The Steelers are only signing Plax due to Antonio Brown and Jerricho Cotchery being injured for them right now. He’s not going to be a savior for them. He’s just in to give some needed depth at a time when the team is extremely banged up at the position.

Plax wouldn’t have been much help to the Giants in my estimation. He doesn’t play offensive line, which has really struggled as of late. He can’t run the ball, which is something the team has been struggling with of late.

Could he have helped the passing game? Possibly. I don’t think he would take coverage away from Victor Cruz. Hakeem Nicks can do that when healthy and I think Dominik Hixon and Rueben Randle are probably better options for Eli Manning to throw to.

Plax might have been an interesting option in the red zone for the Giants and look for the Steelers to use him quite a bit in that role, however, if you can’t get to the red zone, you can’t use him. They guy is huge and all you need to do is lob the ball up to him and he’ll come down with it.

I hope this puts to rest once and for all the possibility of Plax coming back to the Giants. Of course, if he plays well for Pittsburgh and is a free agent this off-season, we’ll probably be back to where we were.

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