Chicago Bears: Time To Hold Mike Tice Accountable

By Evan Crum
Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

Enough is enough. After watching the debacle on November 20th, the Monday Night Football game when the San Francisco 49ers crushed the Chicago Bears I have had enough. It is time for Mike Tice to go away.

For the record, the Bears losing isn’t 100% on Tice. There were a lot of issues with coaching. How could Bears coaching not be prepared for the way the 49ers played? I don’t understand that at all. The defense was to blame also. They can’t play from behind and there are multiple other reasons.

Also for the record, I’m not going to pound my fist and say that Lovie Smith should be yelling on the sidelines. I don’t like those types of coaches and I don’t think that makes a difference. Would I like a little more emotion? Sure I would, but I don’t need to see another Mike Ditka on the sidelines.

However this isn’t about Smith. It’s about Tice and he does shoulder a lot of the blame. Not just for the loss on Monday night but also for the loss against the Houston Texans and for the way the offense has played.

First of all, Tice was the offensive line coach in 2011. How has his offensive line actually played? They have played terribly. The Bears struggle against teams with great defensive lines.  The whole J’Marcus Webb experiment is over. Did you know that most of the offensive linemen for the Bears aren’t even playing their natural position?

However it isn’t just the offensive line. The play calling has been terrible. I’m not a meatball but the Bears do have to run the ball more but not when the defense is expecting it. I’m sure that the 49ers knew that the Bears were going to run the ball. So what did they do? They loaded the box and said “Ok, Jason Campbell, beat us.”

A smart offensive coordinator would have thrown a play action pass. Instead the Bears ran the ball on the first play and nothing happened. Where was the play action passes?

Tice did run a trick play they ran a fake reverse to Devin Hester and handed the ball off to Matt Forte. That play went for a loss. I didn’t understand that play call. I don’t think the 49ers were keying up on Hester.

What about when the Bears played the Texans and Tice called three straight pass plays to open the game?

I don’t’ want to hear the argument of “well at least it’s not Mike Martz.” I don’t like Martz either or his play calling but at least that offense actually did something until Jay Cutler got hurt.

I guess this is what happens when the Bears promote an offensive line coach who has zero experience as an offensive coordinator. They have Jeremy Bates and he could be the offensive coordinator at least he has done it before.

I’m an optimist and I’m not hitting the panic button on the Bears as a whole. I am hitting the panic button on the offense.

It is time to hold Tice accountable.

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