Week 11 Heroes And Goats In The NFL

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NFL Week 11 Heroes & Goats


Every week in the NFL there are heroes and goats, and this week is no different. Week 11 saw some amazing performances, as well as some absolute duds. In this new weekly segment I’m going to take you through the heroes of the NFL week that was, as well as the goats. There are criteria for the weekly winners and just because you threw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns doesn’t necessarily land you on this list. Of you put up great numbers and you blow the game for your team, you could be a goat. It also works vice versa, it you stink it up all day but make the big plays at the end to win the game, you could wind up being a hero! We don’t know who it’s going to be from week to week; sometimes it’ll be obvious who it’ll be, other times you may be surprised.

This is the NFL where things can change pretty quickly and going from hero to goat may not take much but landing on this list will either be the worst thing that you want to happen or the best thing that ever happened! You could also be a hero one week, only to find yourself the goat the next because this list does not play favorites or look into the future; it’s all about what happened this week in the NFL. So who made this week’s list of heroes and goats? The only way to know is to click here.

Week 11 Heroes and Goats:

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5 Goat: Matt Ryan


Ryan threw five interceptions against the Arizona Cardinals and put his team in a giant hole they were lucky to climb out of. Sure there were some unlucky bounces but Ryan was off for the better part of the game. He’s only number 5 because the Falcons won the game but all the signs were there for a higher ranking on the goat list.

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4 Goat: Andrew Luck


Andrew Luck did not have one of his better games against a New England Patriots team that isn’t very good defending the pass. Luck threw three interceptions and two of them were returned for touchdowns. The rookie QB has been good this year but last week he wasn’t very sharp.

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3 Goat: Cardinals QB's

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Number 3 on the list is both of the Arizona QB’s, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley, who managed to throw for a paltry 70 yards combined! They missed open receivers all day and had Larry Fitzgerald open for a touchdown but missed him badly. I feel very badly for Larry Fitz and his fantasy owners and Cards fans that had to witness the ineptitude of the Cardinals quarterbacks. Not that I could do any better.

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2 Goat: Bears Offensive line


The Chicago Bears offensive line comes in at 2 and I’m talking about the entire group. Jason Campbell was sacked six times and harassed all night long. Campbell was forced to throw to his check down receivers or couldn’t even get the ball out on way too many plays. They allowed the 49ers front four to dominate the game.

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1 Goat: Andy Reid


Andy Reid takes the top spot on the goat list this week. He didn’t have his team or his rookie quarterback prepared to play against the rival Redskins. You’d think Reid would have devised a game plan that involved more running plays to protect Foles but that didn’t happen. The Eagles looked horrible once again last Sunday and it puts Reid at the top of this list…and the list of likely coaches fired this season.

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5 Hero: Chad Henne

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Even though it was in a loss, Chad Henne put up impressive numbers on the Texans defense. He threw for 354 yards and four touchdowns and may have given the Jags fan base something to believe in for the rest of the season.

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4 Hero: Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick’s first game as an NFL starter could not have gone any smoother. He threw for 243 yards and two touchdowns against a very good Bears defense. He controlled the game and looked very sharp, leading to questions about who is should be the San Fran starting quarterback.

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3 Hero: RG III


Robert Griffin III had a great game against the Eagles, throwing for his first four touchdown game. He also completed 14 of his 15 pass attempts and threw for 200 yards in the romp over a division rival!

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2 Hero: Matt Schaub


Matt Schaub had a career day against the Jaguars on Sunday, throwing for 527 yards and five touchdown passes! It’s the 2nd most yards ever thrown for in a game. He also completed 43 passes in the overtime win!

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1 Hero: Andre Johnson


Andre Johnson is the top hero for week 11 with his outstanding performance versus the Jags. A career high and franchise record 273 receiving yards, as well as the game winning touchdown in overtime!