Week 12 is Tennessee Titans Last Chance to Turn Their Season Around

By Stephanie Umek
Titans Defense against Miami Dolphins

It has already been a long season for the athletes from Nashville but if the Tennessee Titans don’t do something this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars they can pretty much kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. The team will practically have to win every game that they have left in order for playoffs to even be a thought in their mind.

Head coach Mike Munchak is not one for sugarcoating things and of course, as a professional coach, this is not his first tango in the NFL. He has already expressed his opinion that the team needs to change their course of action this week or they will not be happy with where they end at the conclusion of this season.

As a part of his Monday practice Munchak gave the team a little pep talk stating, “We have six games left, and there is nothing we can do about the past. Let’s get on a run. You always hear about teams in November and December, where they make their move. … So this is our opportunity to be that team.”

I respect the fact that the Titans are looking at the week 12 game professionally where they don’t see it as an “easy win”. Even though the Jaguars are only 1-7, they sure did give the Houston Texans a run for their money last week. Teams like this you cannot sleep on, they will attack at necessary times.

But some time that the Titans will need to work on include the defense, which is absolutely no surprise. It is too far along in the season to be able to cover up problems like this but the Titans have not had a solid combination of a defensive line all season. Their linebackers have been greatly an important element.

Will Witherspoon, Akeem Ayers, Patrick Bailey and Zach Brown have all been consistently solid for the Titans however the team needs to have Colin McCarthy, and Tim Shaw at 100 percent to have a good defense stop.

Kamerion Wimbley, Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner have all been excellent for the defense also.

Week 12 will certainly be somewhat of a nail in the coffin if the Titans are not able to pull off a win. It won’t take many loses for the Jaguars to pass up the Titans in the AFC South.

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