Willis McGahee Injury Means Extended Role For Ronnie Hillman

By Mark Stringer
Chris Humphrey – US Presswire

Denver Broncos RB Willis McGahee is out 6-8 weeks after news from a MRI earlier in the week came back positive that he has a torn MCL.

Okay, Denver, it is time to lean heavily on your rookie RB, Ronnie Hillman, and trust the same two guys that you have before in Lance Ball and Knowshon Moreno.

Between the three of these guys and the schedule that the Broncos have left, I think they will be just fine and their offense won’t miss a beat. Denver fans just have to hope that McGahee returns before the playoffs and if he does, this whole thing could be beneficial for the Broncos.

Denver will be forced to get Hillman more involved, which means tons of great experience for the youngster along with Ball and Moreno, as well. When McGahee returns, the Broncos can only hope that the reserve running backs have gotten some good experience and are ready to majorly contribute in the rushing and passing offense.

As long as MaGahee returns to full strength and early enough, this just might help the Broncos in the long run. I would never wish a player to get injured, but you’ve got to find a silver lining somewhere in this.

The Broncos’ remaining schedule includes many games that warrant great chances for the rushing offense to succeed:

Kansas City Chiefs – 25th against the run (129.2 yards per game).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1st against the run (81.8 yards per game).

Oakland Raiders – 23th against the run (122.4 yards per game).

Baltimore Ravens – 27th against the run (132.2 yards per game).

Cleveland Browns – 24th against the run (125.3 yards per game).

Kansas City Chiefs – 25th against the run (129.2 yards per game).

The Broncos do have one tough task against the Buccaneers, who have NFL‘s the top-ranked rush defense, but I think that is in large part because they also have the league’s worst pass defense, allowing 312 yards per contest through the air. That should be no problem for the Broncos.


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