2012 San Diego Chargers: A Tale of Two Halves

By Anthony Blake
Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

What many critics have pointed to as the primary issue with the San Diego Chargers during the 2012 season and quite frankly during Head Coach Norv Turner’s entire tenure with the team is a lack of consistency. The team can look dynamic and unbeatable one moment only to appear clueless the next. If you look at how the Bolts have fared in the first half versus the second half this season, you really get a vivid picture for what the detractors are saying.

This past Sunday was actually the first loss of the San Diego season in which they outscored their opponents following halftime. Perhaps the best example of the team’s inconsistent play was the first game with the Denver Broncos in which the Chargers held a 24-0 halftime lead only to be outscored 35-0 in the second half.

That type of domination and disappearance is nearly unheard of. Prior to this past weekend, the Bolts five losses saw a clear pattern emerging. The team had outscored its opponents 65 to 58 in the opening half only to collapse following halftime and be outscored by a 76 to 16 margin. Sunday saw the Bolts actually trail by 10 at the half and outscore Denver by three points in the second stanza, but this was clearly an exception to the rule.

Where the Chargers really fall short is on offense where their disparity of scoring from one half to the next is startling. The team is -30 when it comes to scoring in the first half versus the second half this season. Games like the first Denver game as well as the contest with the New Orleans Saints perfectly exemplified this erratic play.

Instead of playing to their strengths and maximizing the leads they had built in those games, the Chargers continued down a reckless path to inevitable destruction. The onus for this falls onto the shoulders of Turner. He is responsible for laying out a plan that will lead the team to victory given the scenario that plays out before them and he has proven time after time that he cannot provide that service. Until Turner is gone, this Chargers team is doomed to epic mismanagement of games and unthinkable losses.

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