Broncos vs. Chiefs: NFL Week 12 Preview

By Joe Morrone

There’s an old saying in the NFL that goes something like this, “On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team.” The idea behind it is pretty obvious; a bad team can beat a good team but is that really possible on Sunday when the Denver Broncos visit the Kansas City Chiefs? The Broncos are the hottest team in football and the Chiefs are the worst team in the sport. This we know for sure; that saying will be put to the test when these two rivals kick it off on Sunday.

The Broncos will be playing their first game without running back, Willis McGahee who is out for six to eight weeks with a torn MCL. They will look to get the other backs involved in the offense early with the start probably going to rookie, Ronnie Hillman. Hillman will start but Lance Ball and Knowshon Moreno will play a lot as well. Despite the loss of McGahee, the offense will not look much different versus the Chiefs. Peyton Manning will use the running game to set up play-action, and will get the ball out to Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas. The Chiefs do have a good defense, particularly the pass rush, so it will be important for the Broncos to protect Manning. If the offensive line gives Manning time to throw, then it will be a big day for the passing game. The Chiefs secondary has struggled all season and they cannot matchup with the Broncos receivers.

The real struggle for the Chiefs is on the offensive side of the ball; they have real trouble scoring and lead the league in turnovers. Former Broncos backup, Brady Quinn gets the start at quarterback and it’s going to be a long day for him. The offensive line for the Chiefs is in shambles and now must deal with the beat pass rush in the NFL. Von Miller of the Broncos is coming off of a three sack performance versus the San Diego Chargers and if the Chiefs aren’t careful, that number could double on Sunday. The Chiefs offensive line will have no answer for the front seven of the Broncos.

The Chiefs are fourth in the league in rushing but they are behind so much that it really doesn’t matter. There one and only chance the Chiefs have to beat the Broncos is to somehow get an early lead, and then run the ball. There are a couple of problems with that, though. The first one is the fact that the Broncos are very good against the run and it is hard to picture the Chiefs having much success, running or passing. The second problem is that even if they did get an early lead, it wouldn’t last. The Broncos are going to score 30 points on anybody in this league and if the Chiefs put up double figures, it would be a minor miracle. The Broncos defense has shut down offenses like the New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals; they are not going to give up much of anything to an offense like the Chiefs.

If the Broncos take away Jamal Charles and the running game of the Chiefs, then Quinn is in for a long day. It is true that on any given Sunday, anybody can beat anybody else but whoever said that never watched the Chiefs on offense. Broncos-35 Chiefs-10.

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