Indianapolis Colts: Defense Must Create Turnovers Against Buffalo Bills’ Offense

By Eric Smith

The game is going to be simple for the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday when they host the Buffalo Bills. They can either create turnovers and win, or sit back and try and do just enough to get by. If they put an effort like they did against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday Night Football two weeks ago and get three turnovers, they will come out victorious. If they sit back and don’t get any pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick and allow him to do just enough to get by, they will lose.

Here’s why.

The Bills have lost six games this season. In those losses, they committed 18 turnovers including 10 interceptions and eight fumbles. Fitzpatrick threw nine of his 10 interceptions in losses and was sacked 11 of the 18 times this year in those losses.

In Buffalo’s four wins, they’ve only committed three total turnovers compared to their opponent’s 10. In two of those wins they didn’t commit any turnovers including last week’s victory at home over the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night.

It’s going to be that simple for the Colts. The front seven needs to bring pressure to Fitzpatrick. That pressure will allow the corners to do just enough to get a pick or tip some balls to make it tough on the Bills. Buffalo, has three go to guys they try to utilize in Stevie Johnson, Donald Jones, and Scott Chandler. Those three have 13 of the 17 touchdowns through the air and have some big play-making ability.

If the Bills can score early and often, it will open up their powerful running game. That will take the Colts out of what they’re wanting to do in the running game as they’re going to try and exploit Buffalo’s 31st ranked rush defense.

That’s certainly going to be their game plan. It’s going to be simple as that for Indianapolis on Sunday. Get pressure and force turnovers or lose.

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