New York Giant Antrel Rolle Wants The Team To Finish 12-4

By jason evans

Much has been made about the difficulty of the New York Giants schedule. Their last six games certainly don’t have any cupcakes in it, and it’s possible that when they kick off Sunday night, their division lead will be only half a game, or a game up on two teams. Do they need to finish undefeated to win the division?

I would say probably not. I can’t see the Dallas Cowboys winning every game on their schedule. They still have three tough games on their schedule, plus they have to face the Washington Redskins twice down the stretch.

Antrel Rolle hopes the team can finish 12-4.


“I want to win six out of six,” 


 “That’s the way I look at it, that’s the way I play the game, that’s my attitude about it. Four out of six, it may get us in, it may not get us in, it all depends. I don’t want to bank ourselves on an 10-6 season. So definitely going to go for a 12-4 season, and just hope for the best, and wish for the best.”


Sure it would be nice to go 12-4. I can’t see it happening to be honest. I think 10-6 is probably more reasonable. I think that if they do that, they win the division and will probably the fourth seed in the conference, exactly like they were last year.

The NFC is probably tougher than it was last year, however it is very wide open and any of the six could win it. Basically, it’s right where the Giants want to be.

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