New York Jets Must Take Advantage of Opportunities

By ryanvanhoover
USPRESSWIRE- The Star-Ledger

The New England Patriots aren’t the dominant team they used to be. At least not this year, but the Patriots are still the Patriots  and can’t be taken lightly. The Patriots have lost games this year by blowing 4th quarter leads and losing close games by not making plays at crunch time. That is something the Patriots are not known for. When they have a chance to put a team away, they go for the kill shot, but this years Patriots are missing that killer instinct.

If the New York Jets are going to have any chance of winning on Thursday night, they have to take advantage of their opportunities. When the Jets are in the red zone, they have to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals. When they have good field position, they have to take advantage of it and not blow it. When the Jet defense has a chance at a turnover, they have to take the ball to give it to their offense and not have the ball go through their fingers. Teams that leave plays on the field lose to the Patriots and its a frustrating loss to take.

In their first meeting, the Jets settled for field goals at bad times ion the red zone. The had the ball go through their hands on offense and defense. A play here or a play there was the different between the Jets winning instead of losing. While going up to New England and taking them to overtime was an accomplishment, it still was frustrating for the Jets knowing that they should have won the game. Those are also the losses that come back to bite you at the end of the season when your team is fighting for a playoff spot. The Jets know the stakes in this game and they need to seize the moment.

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