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Why Do Oakland Raiders Fans Hate Carson Palmer?

Carson Palmer Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Cary Edmondson- US PRESSWIRE


The Oakland Raiders are sixth in the NFL for passing yards per game, so why all the hate by many Raider fans toward quarterback Carson Palmer?

ESPN conducted a poll among Raider fans, an 70 percent of the the poll’s participants believe the trade for Palmer was not a good one. The Raiders gave up a first-round pick in the previous draft, as well as a second-round pick in 2013 to the Cincinnati Bengals. As far as comparing the value of the picks to Palmer, it does not add up, and Raider Nation is right to believe that Palmer was not worth the trade.

Palmer is the one decently bright spot on the team, so why are fans so set on not bringing him back next season?

If the Raiders can offer him a contract next year that is not too over the top, they should. You can’t win without a quarterback, and the Raiders will basically have to work on every position next year. Raider fans need to stop hating on Palmer, and see him as their one hope for a future. Bring him back next year, maybe Terrelle Pryor will be ready next season, but you still want a solid plan at quarterback going into a season, or you will not stand a chance.

The Raiders make countless bad decisions throughout every season. Yes, the trade was a bad one, but to not bring Palmer back is wasting the pick all together.

Raider Nation needs to calm down, and not be too hasty in wanting to get rid of player you have given up so much for.