Bears Blocking Issues Are Bigger Than Offensive Line


The Chicago Bears offensive line is bad.  But the Bears blocking issues go deeper than just the five guys getting the most blame. Matt Forte is a very good running back, but a terrible blocker. Tight ends Kellen Davis and Matt Spaeth must have a bounty pool on Jay Cutler because they don’t block either. It is a real issue.

We all know and have seen the struggles of tackles J’Marcus Webb and recently demoted Gabe Carimi (read here), but when they’re regularly left on an Island, it exposes them even more. This falls on the shoulders of the Bears’ coaching staff. Lovie Smith and company needed to realize entering the season that the tackles are at best below-average and could not be trusted. That’s why Davis and Spaeth should not have even made this team. Neither one brings much to the table and their lack of talent is magnified by this issue.

The Bears can move guys around in an attempt to try and fix this issue, but it isn’t going to get better until the Bears improve blocking from others as well. The other issue is the play-calling. The Bears cannot continue taking deep drops or running play-action passes that frankly allow the other team’s pass-rushers to get up-field and have a free shot at the quarterback. Plus, if Forte isn’t going to block, wouldn’t it make more sense to send him on screen passes?  This comes down to play-calling, and personnel. I am not defending the offensive linemen, but it gets to a point where there has to be more help given to this unit.

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