Can Mark Sanchez be Saved?

Mark Sanchez Must Step Up

Mark Sanchez didn’t all of a sudden become a terrible quarterback. It is my belief that the New York Jets signal caller has been ruined by head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum. The addition of Tim Tebow and the lack of real support for Sanchez really has gotten in his head. Tonight’s loss to the New England Patriots just shows you how bad things have become for the Jets. This team is now light-years behind the Patriots and is getting worse by the week. Ryan’s act has worn thin and the team isn’t responding to his leadership.

Either Ryan or Sanchez needs to go after this season. If the Jets have any hope of getting anything out of Sanchez, he needs a coach that can develop his skills without creating such an environment of havoc. There are plenty of teams looking for quarterbacks, so I’m sure a team would take a flyer on Sanchez if it presents itself.

Frankly, unless the Jets are planning on drafting a quarterback, there’s no way they’ll put their future in Tebow’s hands. This will be one of the worst mistakes this already crumbling franchise can do. While there are those that still love Tebow, he isn’t the answer. It is Sanchez, another quarterback or bust. My guess is that the Jets will bring in a new coaching staff and give Sanchez one more shot. He’s too talented and the team invested way too much in the former USC Trojan.

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