Dallas Cowboys Need Return From DeMarco Murray

By Craig Ballard

In today’s Thanksgiving game the Dallas Cowboys played for a sixth straight time without RB DeMarco Murray. They are now 3-3 in those games. This article is a look at their need to get Murray back as soon as is possible to try to give their offense some much needed balance.

The Cowboys are relying entirely too much on Tony Romo. When they are balanced with a run and pass game they get good results more often than not. In Dallas’ five wins this season Romo is averaging 35 pass attempts. In their six losses Romo is deep into the 40s for attempts. When Romo has balance the pass game is significantly more effective. When Romo throws in the 30s his QB rating is 100.4, but that number is much worse when pass attempts go over 40.

Murray was not exactly racking up yards with any consistency, but when he got hurt he was playing well and it did look like the Cowboys were on the verge of getting the offensive balance they seek. The Cowboys get just 66 yards per game on the ground without Murray, 99 rush yards per game when Murray plays. When you combine rush yards with receiving yards then we see Murray was giving them 90 yards per game.

In Dallas’ wins Romo completes a whopping 70% of his passes, but again we see without balance he is forced to throw over 40+ times per games in losses and his completion percentage is in the low 60s when that happens.

Romo is in the top 6 in the NFL for attempts. In his career he averages 12 INTs per season, but with being forced to throw too much in 2012 he is already at 15 (and counting).

On Thanksgiving Romo would have been giving thanks for a run game. How about 62 passes and just 11 rushes in that game (yikes).

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