Lions vs. Texans: Official Makes the Right Call

By Kase Brammer
Lions vs.Texans

Alright, so that is not totally true.

If you are watching the early game between the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions, and you’re a fan of either team, you’re probably pretty upset or relieved that you caught a break. The Lions punted a ball and seemingly recovered a punt that was touched by the receiving team. The call on the field was that Houston retained the ball.

The call was not made correctly on the field, unless the ball defied some sort of science and sped up its rotation without being touched. However, once the play was challenged the official made the right call. If you watch the the replay you will see that at no point can you see the ball actually touch the Texans’ player. This is no excuse and the right call should have been made on the field, but there is nothing an official can do once he goes under the hood and can’t find the evidence to make a switch.

An official has to see evidence to overturn a call, and he could not find that particular evidence. The call on the field was that it was the Texans’ ball. Either way, the play was called on the field it does not get overturned. The camera angles were not sufficient enough to make a good call.

The game is a must-win for the Lions. If they do not win they will not make the playoffs.  Which will mean the play in question will be looked at by ESPN until Sunday when games that actually matter start up again.

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