Pierre Garcon Has Meant Vicotries For The Washington Redskins

By Craig Ballard
Derick Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

We know that Washington Redskins fans are downright giddy about Robert Griffin III. He is so special that he even has garnered excitement from non-‘Skins fans. The articles about RG III are fast and furious, plus fellow rookie Alfred Morris is gaining more and more notoriety too for his contributions to this suddenly hot Washington squad. In this article I want to recognize what Pierre Garcon has meant to this team in 2012.

RG III was a first rounder in this year’s NFL draft, while Morris was a find in the 6th round. Quite the off-season haul for the Redskins, but let’s not forget the first free-agent that the ‘Skins signed this season – Garcon. Washington paid Garcon handsomely to leave the Indianapolis Colts even though it was clear he would have had Andrew Luck as his QB. This was all around the same time where the Redskins were trading with the St. Louis Rams to get the #2 overall pick (which we know became RG III).

With their Thanksgiving day victory the Redskins improved to 4-1 with Garcon in the line-up (1-5 without Garcon…wow). He has missed time with a plantar plate tear in his foot, but it is clear when he plays RG III looks for him early to set the tone for the game that the offense will have an opportunity to beat you on the ground, and through the air.

Washington is building a special running game, but they are their most potent when RG III can use his tremendous play-action skills and look for Garcon too. He has 16 catches on his 22 targets this season, and has two TDs.

The record speaks for itself with Garcon in the line-up. The teams remaining on the Redskins schedule can be had through the air so I would anticipate the BFF developing between Garcon and RG III to continue to develop, and (as odd as it may be to write this) I think these two can keep contributing to Redskins victories down the stretch.

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