The Houston Texans’ Defense Barely Shows Up in OT Win

Texans Defense


For the second week in a row the Houston Texans‘ defense didn’t look like they wanted to win. The only play that swung momentum in their favor was the fumble in overtime when the Detroit Lions were driving. In the first half, the Texans let Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford throw all over the field for a sweet 246 yards. He would finish with 441 yards, two TDs, with 61 attempts.

The Texans’ offense continues to throw up big points, but the defense is just letting them down. Just two weeks out from a great defensive effort against the Chicago Bears, the Texans have already given up 983 yards. That is way too many for a team that is now 10-1 after two crazy over time wins.The Texans came into the game ranked 2nd in opponents rushing yards and 7th in passing yards.

The Texans just looked tired on Thanksgiving. They did not benefit from the short week. They were able to squeeze out a win because of some poor officiating and that is what they should be thankful for on this day.

The officials made a few mistakes that favored the Texans. Lions Head Coach threw a challenge flag, which is against the rules, on a play that the runner looked clearly down. Yes, the coach should know the rules, but at the same time the officials just need to get that call right.  The Texans need to recover after playing two overtime games in the past five days. They will play the Tennessee Titans next week. This is great win for this Texans’ team, but this game should have never been close.

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