Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III Is the Key to Thanksgiving Matchup

By Greg Bradshaw

Thanksgiving Day brings NFL fans the traditional showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and a predetermined opponent. It has been determined that the 2012 game will feature the Cowboys and their most hated rivals, the Washington Redskins. This matchup will bring pure excitement to NFL fans, regardless of the respective team records.

However, recent history has been a little unkind to both teams. Dallas has not won a Super Bowl title since after the 1995 season. Washington’s drought is worse, having not won a Super Bowl title since after the 1991 season. Specifically, the Redskins have been in a tailspin, with only six winning seasons since their last Super Bowl championship. Dallas has won the last four meetings against Washington, so there’s been little for Redskins’ fans to cheer about regarding the rivalry.

Until now. There’s only one reason why the Washington Redskins are the Cowboys’ featured opponent for Dallas’ annual Thanksgiving game this year. That reason is Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III, who is currently the most dynamic player in the NFL. He has brought an excitement to the Redskins that the franchise has never seen before.


In addition to his world class speed, Griffin III also has a strong arm he can use to throw the deep ball with ease. If that isn’t enough, Griffin III is also considered a smart player that makes sound decisions. He has thrown only three interceptions against 12 touchdown passes. Considering Washington’s recent futility at the quarterback position, the aura of the team is noticeably different with the man affectionately called “RG3” under center.

Looking at this game on the schedule before the season, it could have been assumed that Washington would get demolished by Dallas. The Redskins are coming off their most dominant game of the season, a 31-6 victory Week Eleven victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. It wouldn’t shock anyone if Griffin III led the Redskins to a victory over Dallas in their own backyard. For that to happen, Griffin III will have to continue his strong play. In addition, the Redskins’ defense has to build on the momentum created from last week’s victory. If those two things happen, then Washington will emerge victorious.


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