10 Best NFL Coaches who never won a Super Bowl

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10 of the Best Coaches that Could Never Win the Big One


Coaching in the NFL can be tough. If you are not successful in the regular season right away you may find yourself out of work. Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has been able to keep his job as a head coach despite not winning the Super Bowl during his long run as coach. Reid may be looking for work at the end of the season. His Eagles' team has lost six straight games and they are searching for someone to blame.

In my book, Reid is one of the bravest people in the NFL right now. He has coached an entire season in the wake of his son's death from a drug overdose. I do not think it would be very professional to fire Reid after continuing to roam the sidelines while dealing with a personal tragedy, but if they do fire him, Reid will not struggle to find work. Many teams would jump at the chance to sign Reid to a long term deal.

The coach has made it to 5 NFC championship games, but still has not held up the Lombardi Trophy. Which brings us to our next point, who are the best coaches that have never won a Super Bowl?

When you coach as long as the guys on this list, it's just bad luck not to have won it. It takes a lot of will power to keep going with the thought in mind that you may never win that shinny silver trophy. However, a lot of these coaches just kept going one more year in hopes that they would finally win it all. In the end, they finished their career as a head coach empty handed. Here are 10 coaches that could never win the final game in the playoffs, enjoy.

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Bum Phillips


Bum Phillips coached the Houston Oilers from 1975 through 1980. At that point in time he was the best in franchise history. Philips was famous for the ridiculous hat he wore on the sidelines. He was able to make it to the AFC Championship twice with the Oilers. He was fired after failing to make it to the Super Bowl. He joined the New Orleans Saints and finished his career with a record of 86-80. He failed to win the big one just like the rest of the people on this list.

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Marv Levy


Marv Levy made a career out of losing the Super Bowl. In the Early 90’s his Buffalo Bills team lost 4 straight big games. Levy finished his career with 154 wins including eleven playoff victories from 1978-1982 with the Kansas City Chiefs, and 1986-1997 with the Bills. He coached 255 games in his NFL career, but the Hall of Fame Coach just couldn’t bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

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Marty Schottenheimer


Marty Schottenheimer’s NFL career was great. He had 205 career wins with the Cleveland Browns, Chiefs, Redskins, and San Diego Chargers. His biggest stint was was the Chiefs where he had a 101 wins and 7 playoff appearances. I bet the Chiefs wouldn’t mind having him back now. His failure to win the Super Bowl is the only black mark on his career. His son Brian Schottenheimer is the offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams. His last season in the NFL, 2006, he had a 14-2 record and lost to the New England Patriots in an AFC Divisional Game.

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Jeff Fisher


Jeff Fisher has 158 career wins and he is only 54 years old. His career is not over yet. This year he took a job with the lowly Rams, a team that not been significant since “the greatest show on turf”. Fisher lost to that specific Rams' team in his only Super Bowl appearance by about a yard while coaching the Tennessee Titans. Fisher does have a Super Bowl ring, but it doesn’t count because he was not a coach. Fisher was a part of the “Music City Miracle”, one of the most controversial and amazing plays in NFL history.

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George Allen


George Allen finished his coaching career with a .712 winning percentage with the Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams. Allen could only muster two wins in the playoffs and that is not enough to win it all. Allen never coached a team to a losing record during his career at the helm. Impressive indeed, but winning the Super Bowl makes you look so much better.

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Andy Reid


Andy Reid is still the coach of the Eagles, but that time could be running out. As coach of the Eagles, Reid, behind the play of QB Donovan McNabb led the team to 5 NFC Championships, but only one Super Bowl appearance. They lost to the Patriots. Reid is currently dealing with the loss of his son due to a heroin overdose, but there is no doubt in my mind, the next team Reid coaches for, if he does come back, will win a Super Bowl. Arizona Cardinals anyone?

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Dan Reeves


Dan Reeves won a couple of Super Bowls, but never as a head coach. Reeves coached three different teams in his career winning 201 games, including playoffs. He made it to the Super Bowl 4 times, but lost with John Elway and the Denver Broncos three times and sadly lost to him once while with the Atlanta Falcons. His least successful coaching stints were with the Falcons and New York Giants. He only made it to the playoffs three times in 11 years. He finished the final 11 seasons with a record under 500. One thing's for sure, the big one eluded him for 23 consecutive seasons as a head coach.

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Don Coryell


Don Coryell was an excellent coach at all levels of the game. He won over 100 games in college and over 100 games in the NFL with the St. Louis Cardinals and Chargers. Unfortunately for him, he carried a 3-6 playoff record and never could break on through to Super Bowl glory. Coryell was famous for his air attack. His offenses broke records that stood till the magical Dree Brees started throwing up a storm for the Saints in 2011.

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Chuck Knox

Ground Chuck

Chuck Knox took over as the Rams coach in 1973. In his first season he had the team rolling to a 12-2 record. He lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs setting up his career for what was to come. Knox continued his winning ways in Los Angeles winning 5 consecutive NFC West titles, but it was all for nothing. Knox would later join the Bills and Seattle Seahawks. Knox finished his career with 193 wins. Not bad for a coach that could never win it all.

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Bud Grant


Sometimes you feel sorry for people that should win, but never get to pull it off. Bud Grant is one of those people. In 18 seasons as the Minnesota Vikings’ head coach he only missed the playoffs six times. He reached the Super Bowl four times along the way, but could never win it all. Grant finished his career as an NFL coach with 168 career victories, ten of them in the playoffs. He had one full season with under seven wins with the Vikings.