New England Patriots end New York Jets playoff hopes

By Raymond Mencke
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets were blown out at home last night and put to bed any thoughts they could make a run to the playoffs.  The New England Patriots took advantage of every Jets miscue and humiliated the Jets by a 49-19 final.  The Patriots improved to 8-3 on the year while the Jets fall to 4-7.

The game was actually scoreless until the second quarter where the Patriots put up 35 points in stunning fashion to basically end the game.  The Patriots were able to score three touchdowns in fifty-two seconds with the Jets playing the part of the Keystone Cops.

The scoring spree started with Tom Brady hitting running back Shane Vereen on an 83-yard score where Bart Scott got caught inside and wasn’t able to get to Vereen.  Vereen’s catch made the score 14-0.  On the Jets next possession, Mark Sanchez went to hand the ball off to a running back but there was no one there.  Sanchez then ran straight into the backside of his lineman Brandon Moore and fumbled.  Steve Gregory picked up the ball and ran it in 32-yards to make the score 21-0.

The Jets special teams got in the act on the next kickoff as Joe McKnight fumbled the kickoff right into the hands of Julian Edelman who ran the fumble back to make it 28-0 and conclude the most bizarre minute of football.  The Jets fans in attendance rained down on the team with boo’s at this point but then it turned into silence when Brady hit Edelman on a 56-yard touchdown about five minutes later to make the game 35-0.

Sanchez threw an interception deep in the Patriots territory on their second drive of the game when the Jets could have taken an early lead.  Stephen Gostkowski missed a 39-yard field goal and the Jets started getting their run game going.  Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell ran for 30 yards on the drive to get the Jets to the Patriots 27-yard line before Sanchez was picked off by Gregory on a pass intended for Powell.

The only drama in the second half was to see whether the Patriots would put up 70 points.  The Jets actually held them scoreless in the third quarter but the Patriots came back with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to close out the game.

It will be interesting to see if any personnel moves happen with the Jets coming out of this game.  Rex Ryan told the media after the game he was sticking with Sanchez but at this point how could he even believe Sanchez gives the team the best option to win?  Owner Woody Johnson did not want to talk to reports after the game but he can’t be too pleased with the performance especially since he asked the league office to get the Jets on Thanksgiving.

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