New England Patriots' secondary showing vast improvement

By Ken Grace
The Star-Ledger–US Presswire

The New England Patriots came into their game with the New York Jets with one of the worst pass defenses in the league. They were ranked 30th, allowing 289.7 yards through the air. However, against the Jets, they showed a marked improvement.

The Patriots recently acquired Aqib Talib to help in their secondary but rookie Alfonzo Dennard played a great game as well, breaking up key passing plays throughout the game. They allowed the Jets to 301 yards passing but most of that came in a game that had junk time in the middle of the second quarter.

Of course, the catch to this is Mark Sanchez and the Jets are terrible at moving the ball through the air. They average 192.7 passing yards per game, which ranks near the bottom in the NFL.

Patriot fans will really get to see if their team’s defense has improved when they face the aerial attack of the Houston Texans in a couple of weeks. However, any improvement to the Patriot secondary will only better their chances of making it to the Super Bowl given that they have plenty of offense to carry them there.

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