New York Jets Were Home For Thanksgiving

By ryanvanhoover
USPRESSWIRE- Joe Camporeale

The New York Jets had a home game Thanksgiving Night against their hated rival the New England Patriots. Unfortunately the Jets players and coaches didn’t bother to check their schedules because they were a no shows Thursday night. The Jets might have been there physically, but mentally they must have had Thanksgiving dinner on their minds.

How could the Jets have such a lifeless efforts Thursday night against their bitter rival? It was embarrassing to watch and really painful at time. The Jets were 4-6 coming into to Thursday nights game and after a great performance Sunday against the St. Louis Rams you think the Jets would ride that momentum. The Jets did not do that. They were playing the Patriots what more do I have to say. This is the team that coach Rex Ryan hates and wants his team to beat to get over the hump. It was the type of game that left you with more questions about the Jets as team than answers.

The Jets are 4-7 and still mathematically alive for the playoffs, but lets be honest there is nothing mathematical about the Jets. When you think they are on track, they fall flat on their faces. When they are down and look out, they rise up and put on a good game performance. That is no recipe for the playoffs. You are going to hear the questions about next year. Who will be the quarterback? What other players are going to go? Will the coach and general manager be back? After a game like last night, who can blame the fans and the owner for asking those questions? The evaluation of the Jets for next year starts now.

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