Tim Tebow couldn’t play if Rex Ryan wanted him to

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Tim Tebow
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At this point in the season, anything would be better than Mark Sanchez. The New York Jets starting quarterback has tanked time and time again and has singlehandedly ruined any chances the team had of making the playoffs.

So why hasn’t he been benched? Apparently, there’s no other legitimate option.

According to the New York Daily News, Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow is suffering from two broken ribs. Jets head coach Rex Ryan couldn’t sub him in for Sanchez if he wanted to.

Tebow reportedly suffered the injury back in Week 10 against the Seattle Seahawks. Since then, New York’s favorite backup quarterback has been trying to get healthy while the Jets watch Sanchez engulf their 2012 season in flames.

“I didn’t really know,” Tebow said. “I just kept playing and started to feel it later on.”

While Sanchez continues to squander any chances the Jets have of notching another win before the season is over, Gang Green will have to stand by idly, waiting for Tebow to get healthy enough to take the reins. They could also look to second-year man Greg McElroy – the only other quarterback on the roster – if Tebow doesn’t come off of the shelf anytime soon, but it’s likely that the coaching staff will give Sanchez another loss or two before pulling the plug.

“We’re about as wounded as you can possibly be, but we’re not dead,” Ryan said.

You can stick a fork in the Jets; their 2012 season is a lost cause. To say that they aren’t dead just shows how disconnected Ryan is from reality, something that he’s become infamous for since taking over as the Jets head honcho back in 2009.

Getting a look at Tebow as the starting quarterback and seeing whether he’s worth keeping around should be a top priority as the end approaches. That can’t happen, however, until his ribs can handle a hit.

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